Shipping Information


Singpost Smartpac

Shipping cost typically starts at $4.54 for the first item and additional $1.10 for each item, capped at a maximum of 1kg per parcel.

Shipping would take 1 to 5 working days upon despatch for the first delivery attempt by Singpost.

Singpost Smartpac is trackable, however there is no compensation available in the even the parcel is damaged, missing or lost. 

If the parcel is non-delivered, you can request a redelivery via or self-collection from your area's designated Singpost post office within 2 weeks from the first delivery attempt made.

In the event your parcel is not collected and/or delivered by Singpost within their stipulated timeframe, the parcel would be sent back to i-Supreme. Customer would have to top up the shipping charges to resend the parcel. 

Singpost Normal Mail

Shipping cost typically starts at $1.99 for the first shipping unit and $0.55 for each additional shipping unit, unless otherwise stated.

Shipping would take 3 to 7 working days upon despatch during non-peak mailing and delivery period.

Please do note that Singpost Normal Mail is untrackable and uninsured, therefore there is no compensation provided by i-Supreme or Singpost in the event the parcel is misdelivered, lost during delivery or missing during delivery. *i-Supreme does not recommend customer to choose Singpost Normal Mail as we will not be responsible for the parcel in the event the parcel is lost, missing and/or non-delivered. However, photo and video proofs for mail will be provided upon request.

In the event if the parcel does not fit into your letterbox, you would need to collect the parcel from your area's designated Singpost post office.